Carving A Life on Amazon and Going to China!

Coming on the heels of  a successful opening week screening at Arenacinelounge in Los Angeles, “Carving A Life” , directed by AP owner Terry Ross and starring many AP students, was picked up at the American Film Market in Santa Monica for distribution in China, as noted in the article from Variety below.
“Carving A Life” , with an 8.0 IMDb rating, can be viewed for free on Amazon Prime or on Amazon for $1.99.
Some sample reviews from Amazon:
“The way this particular story is written has so many levels and some unexpected twists. The plot is strong, and the characters are brought to life by some excellent actors. Not only is this film worth watching, but watching again — there are subtle layers of emotions that evolve as the story progresses that warrants a second look. This is simply a great movie.”
“We all carve our own lives in one way or another, and make mistakes, and still dream about what beauty we will find beneath the rough exteriors. What a wonderful metaphor to use to tell this story. The flashbacks are used strategically to give emotional weight to the events going on in the present, and I thought the filmmakers did a great job of allowing the story to unfold that way. Gave everything a more emotional weight”
 Director Terry Ross with cast members Tyler Bruhn, Sandi Todorovic, Lizet Benrey and writer/producer Lisa Bruhn, co-editor Jackie Bainto and costume designer Grace Lazarga.