Teen Classes



Teens have fun while learning to perform on-camera and on stage!

Each student learns the fundamentals of acting in a supportive environment. Developing at their own pace, they explore the art and craft of acting.

  • Fun and fast-paced with expert guidance.
  • Scripts and improv games geared to excite and challenge teens.
  • Great training for the real world of TV, film, and theatre.
  • Builds confidence, improves reading skills, and enhances self-esteem.
  • Free parking and easy access.
  • Opportunity to perform for Los Angeles and San Diego talent agents, managers, casting directors and independent filmmakers.
  • Opportunity to create demo-quality footage.

The Program:

Realizing that teens need a well-rounded acting program, Acting Professionally has tailored its teen classes to give them a taste of what it’s really like to work on-camera and on stage, plus the thrill of improvisation.

Our 2-hour Sunday classes take the students through 2-60 minute sessions. They experience 60 minutes of improv, then on to 60 minutes of on-camera acting. During showcase rehearsals, students work on stagecraft to prepare them for live performance in a 250 seat theatre. This ongoing course focuses on using imagination, creativity, concentration, and focus to create strong, believable characters, whether in front of a camera or on stage.

They learn how to:

  • Unlock their imagination and emotions.
  • Be honest, truthful, and natural.
  • Gain discipline and focus.
  • Become the character.


In the On-camera session, teens learn the mechanics of TV, film, and commercial acting while having a great time! They overcome fears and become comfortable with the special requirements and techniques of acting for the camera. Working on-camera strengthens their ability to move beyond “acting” to fully bring characters to life and to react truthfully in the moment. As they begin to apply their skills to actual scripts from TV, film, and commercials, they build a solid foundation that keeps young actors sharp and audition-ready. Students develop the ability to handle any type of script, adding their own unique style.


Improvisation, or Improv, is a form of acting in which no script is used. In the Acting Professionally Improv portion of class, students learn how to think on their feet, make creative choices, take direction more easily, keep their energy up, maximize their personalities and most importantly – have FUN!


When working on theatre technique in preparation for the showcase, students learn the difference between stage and camera, understanding the skills and techniques needed for each. They’ll work on monologues & scenes; enjoy creating characters and telling the story, while exploring the craft of stage acting. The student actor comes away with enough confidence to feel comfortable in both mediums.

Class sizes are limited so students get the personal attention they deserve. The teaching philosophy at Acting Professionally is to concentrate on reinforcing each student’s strengths, while recognizing their individual needs.

Schedule and fees:

Tuition: $195 per four classes.
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Location: San
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